"A must-read for every entreperneur and product manager. Growth Hacking is on the rise and we must all learn about it. In his book, Muhammed makes sure the foundations for the learning process are laid well."

Serkan Ünsal

"Muhammed is one of the most devoted researchers of this subject in Turkey, and this is a tremendous resource for beginners. It offers a feasible plan for ventures."

Özgür Alaz

“A key part in the enterprise ecosystem is finding the right markets for your enterprise and scaling your startup. This book is the first Turkish source I have come across that intends to fill that gap.”

Taylan Demirkaya

"New ventures need to grasp growth hacking very well in order to survive. Growth Hacking for Beginners is a very good starting point for the new generation of entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business."

Bugra Pamuksüzer

"Every question I had before reading the book has been adequately and expertly answered within the pages. A perfect resource for entrepreneurs, company owners, digital product developers and those interested in SaaS."

Engin Bodur

"A book that redefines the term “growth” and present an all new, fresh approach. Possibly the first book originally published in Turkish about this topic, which makes it even more valuable."

Oğuzcan Köse

What Is Growth Hacking?

In order to understand Growth Hacking, one needs to briefly look into the concept of internet ventures. And what do we mean exactly by internet ventures? Could it be described as a product that operates on the internet, or via a software? If you have a newly founded company, or a company that has been recently invested in, would that make it an internet venture (namely, a startup)?

Paul Graham answers all these questions on his article titled “Startup = Growth”. According to him, if a company is working on/with software, or if it newly founded/recently been invested in, it does not necessarily qualify to be a startup. In his opinion, in order for a company to be defined as a startup, it has to target a large market and use technology as a tool to resolve the problems of that particular market.

Having made that differentiation, we can venture to say that internet ventures, or startups as we will refer to them from this point on, are companies that target a large market and reach that potential by using technology coupled with scalable methods. Such startups with the said structure have different types of problems and different needs in comparison to other businesses. That is where the foundations for the concept of growth hacking are laid. So when the question “What is growth hacking?” arises, the definition could very well be “the discovery of potential issues standing in the way of growth for startups, and the development of innovative solutions for the said issues”.

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About the Book

Growth Hacking for Beginners was prepared to act as a guide for ventures seeking to grow. This book is for companies going down the “startup” road, or those who wish to do so in the future, or simply for the curious. The book aims to answer the question “How should an venture approach the idea of “growth” from day one?” with fundamental theories and reviews of global success stories.

Muhammed Tüfekyapan

He began his studies in 2009 at ITU. After taking part in various projects as a project and product manager, he founded Lean Marketing, which is a marketing blog for startups. In 2015, he published Turkey’s first and only Growth Hacking book. He currently trains others in Growth Hacking, as well as providing consultation and support to startups to help them achieve growth.

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